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Saakshar Bharat is the centrally sponsored nation-wide literacy scheme of the Indian Department for School Education and Literacy (DSEL) focusing on increasing women's literacy in India. It was launched by the prime minister on International Literacy Day in September 2009. Its aim is to significantly reduce the number of non-literate adults in India and foster an environment within communities that encourages lifelong learning.
Whilst the 2011 census showed that India's literacy has reached 74.04%, an increase of 9.2% from the 2001 census, the literacy rate of women continues to be significantly lower at 65.46%, compared to men's rate of 82.14%. The programme's focus is on reducing this gender disparity and thereby achieving the government's target of 80% national literacy. This will be achieved through the provision of basic literacy to 70 million more people, of which 60 million are women.

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